Murphy’s Laws


“Tom Murphy, a lobster man from Maine, who worked for years as an HR manager shares his wisdom with us.  Heed well his lessons.”    -Alden


1.              Don’t Speak To The Future:  You Can’t Control It.


2.              Don’t Promise What You Can’t Deliver.


3.              Don’t Fight With Those Who Are Equal To Or Subordinate To You In Position – Always Fight Up.


4.              Do Not Put the Company Between An Employee And His/Her Family – If You Do, The Company Will Lose.


5.              Take Care Of Those Who Take Care Of You.


6.              The First Report/Information That You Receive On Any Topic Will Be Wrong.


7.              Don’t mess with an employee’s spouse, pay or bereavement.


8.              Retain A Judicious Mix of Consistency And Compassion In All Decision Making Affecting An Employee.


9.              You Work For The People In The Plant – You Report To An Executive.