Are you ready to proclaim your e-identity to the world?

Be one of the select few on the e-Team!

The following have staked their claim in the brave new cyber-world by self-proclaiming their e-expertise and proudly wearing our symbol of transformational Excellence.  To join this robust group, be prepared to justify your inclusion to the Wizard of -E.  Submit requests to

Roster of the Elite

Wizard of –E Alden B.
E-Czar Jim Barbieri
Merlin of –E Rolland Bussieres
E-Guy Eric Reed
E-vangelist Dave Brantner
Digit-Al Albert Avancena
Visionar -E Wayne "Howard" Howell
Tech -E Bob Lang
Miz-E-Biz Sherrill Novosad
E-Quality Mike Francoeur
E-nigma Joe MarkAnthony
E-luminare Laura Johnston
E-Doctor Paul Scheid
E-pprentice Michael LeConche
E-volutionist Bob Fite
Missionar-E Jawahar "Jeff" Garg
Mon"E"y Jim Fusaro
Mr. "E" Stephen Madsen
Mr. Deliver-E Rich Merlino
Mr. Simplicit-E Chip Simplicio
Mr. Strateg-E Colin Karsten
Ms. cr"E"ative Sue Heald
Ms. E-fficiency Wendy Crate
Professor of E Audrey S. Brady
The "E"nabler Steve McAbee

Each Elite has a customized shirt with Captain-E and their E-handle.  Are you worthy?

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