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Alden B. Davis

Known by colleagues and friends as a "corporate plumber", Alden designs, orchestrates and leads large-scale institutional change, fixing anything that does not flow. He has 28 years of global expertise in leading accelerated change processes (a.k.a. Kaizen) and creating organizational models demonstrating world-class material flow, work systems, collaborative labor/management relations, large-scale, inclusive processes for resolving site-wide policy issues, merger & acquisition assimilation and unmatched EHS performance. First-hand knowledge of institutional complexities coupled with expertise in analyzing work and work processes coupled with I.T. savvy has launched Alden into the new world of E-strategic planning and visioning. His proven track-record of creating institutional value covers a wide range of industries including jet propulsion & aerospace, elevators, air conditioners, industrial chillers, automotive components, machine tool OEM's, sport league photography and most recently, financial services. The use of a "service business" model coupled with the pursuit of customer satisfaction has lead to the transformation of service functions including human resources, procurement, financial planning, E-business, contracts, industrial relations, materials & logistics management and investor relations. As a conference speaker and workshop leader, Alden has presented for Ecology of Work, Goal QPC, Automation Forum, Connecticut Quality Conference, Young Entrepreneurs' Organization and Crusade. Pro bono work includes strategic planning and process improvements for Portland, ME schools, Hartford, CT schools, Hartford Chamber of Commerce and South-end Community Services. Alden is degreed in Business and Engineering from Arizona State University and lives in Avon, CT.

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Dr. Paul Boulian

Paul Boulian is a partner in LodeStar Associates, an organizational consulting firm specializing in the development of high performance organizations. Paul specializes in developing approaches to addressing improvements in complex business, manufacturing, and engineering processes. He has worked extensively in applying high performance and best-in-class concepts and ideas in manufacturing, engineering, and research and development. He focuses on optimizing the interaction among strategic direction, leadership challenges, and operational implementation. He is former director of organization effectiveness and corporate training for Cummins Engine Company. He is a member of the Board of the Symphony Orchestra Institute, a foundation dedicated to improving the effectiveness of symphony orchestras. He holds a B.S.E.E. and M.S.Business/M.B.A from the University of California at Irvine and a Ph.D. in organizational behavior from Yale University.

Dr. Annette E. Rogers

Organizational citizens are the resultant of strong leadership and institutional culture.”  This is the central theme you hear from Annette whether she is teaching at the University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business or consulting internationally.  Annette develops marketing and recruitment strategies for educational systems.  She is currently Assistant Dean at the University of Hartford's School of Business.   Annette holds a Bachelor of Science in Business, a Master of Science in Organizational Behavior and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.  She lives in Avon, CT with her family.

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     Stacy Hall

Senior Statistician with over twenty-five years in leading organizations in the application of continuous improvement techniques and the principles of lean manufacturing. An international corporate consultant, and architect of several of UTC's corporate-wide initiatives, including Pratt & Whitney's acclaimed "Point-of-Origin Process Control", and "Process Certification" programs, and UTC's "Achieving Competitive Excellence" operating system. Author of several internal technical journals and training manuals in the fields of applied statistics, manufacturing excellence, and lean manufacturing. Accomplishments have been reported in The Wall Street Journal, The Providence Journal, and the Journal of Civil Aviation Economics & Technology. Degrees in Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, and Manufacturing Management. Born and raised in New Hampshire, lived throughout the country, and now resides in the seacoast region of New Hampshire.

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  Luther Johnson

Luther Johnson works with companies ready to fulfill their potential in a rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment.  His work includes cultural assessments, change strategies, coaching executive steering teams, implementing multi-source feedback systems, developing project leaders and facilitators, and introducing the voice of the customer to people in the organization.  He is particularly adept at getting people from all levels of the organization to resolve crippling conflicts, develop cooperative work strategies and create effective channels of communication.  Luther has worked a wide range of industries including aerospace, packaging, food processing, glass, metals and chemicals; domestic and international.  Pro bono work includes helping create the Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Counseling Program.  Luther holds a doctorate in Psychology, lives in Friendsville, TN and loves all activities outdoors.

Penny Coppen

Over the last 20 years Penny Coppen has harnessed her passion and talents for educating and motivating people by providing unique experientials to groups of all sizes.

Penny's areas of expertise include: authentic leadership, community building, navigating change, appreciative inquiry, embracing differences, stress management, transformational leadership, and team building. She holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Behavior, and has done an extensive amount of work using personality and behavioral style inventories including LIFO, and DISC. She serves as adjunct faculty, at the University of Hartford's Barney School of Business, teaching Group Dynamics. Penny lives in Avon, Connecticut, loves raising her three small children, gardening and teaching exercise classes.

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     Lou Kiefer

Lou Kiefer works with employers and trade unionists, providing "Power Relationships in Union Building and Business Growth." His work has been pivotal in converting large and small manufacturers from traditional work systems to fully collaborative high performance work organizations. Bringing a unique perspective to questions of globalization, his efforts are aimed at the successful export of product (not jobs) in the rebuilding of America’s manufacturing base. His site-specific studies provide a blueprint for revolutionizing labor relations to perform as interdependent, market-focused working family and worldwide consumer providers.

Susan Postier

Susan Postier is a co-founder of image impact, inc. a consulting firm that provides professional training and executive coaching for aerospace, manufacturing, oil and gas and healthcare companies. A skilled organizational development professional, Susan's areas of expertise are corporate training, facilitation, curriculum design and delivery, and executive and individual coaching. A Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma, Susan has done an extensive amount of work in performance management systems, training and development and targeted leadership skill development. She specializes in one-on-one coaching for managing directors and CEOs, as well as crew chiefs and union employees. Susan is certified in Development Dimensions International, The Oz Principle Workshops, D.i.S.C. Personal Profile, Blanchard / Situational Leadership, Achieve Global and ASSESS Coaching Workshop. She is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and lives in Tulsa, OK where she loves spending time with her grandchildren.

rickpic.gif (13033 bytes)      Rick Supples Rick Supples is an educator, organizational development consultant and founder of Applied Improvement Technologies, a professional and organizational development group with expertise in performance management, employee satisfaction survey systems, coaching, leadership assessment & feedback systems, self-directed team building, retreat planning, and supervisory skill development. His experience as an organizational development practitioner spans a wide range of service and manufacturing organizations from healthcare and hi-tech manufacturing to the military. Rick is a former Naval Aviator and a graduate of the State University of New York, College at Buffalo.

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Mark Tuckerman

A “Development Catalyst” focusing on organizational improvement through principles of high-performance organizations, highly effective people and Lean business processes, Mark has characterized himself at times as a “start-up junkie”, having participated or consulted to over 8 major organizational start-ups.  Some were new plant start ups (greenfield) and others major transformations of an organization, such as the start of Yale's school of Organization and Management, or the transformation of Jacob Vehicle Equipment Company from a traditional manufacturer to a lean implementation (done with the oldest IAM local in New England)  He started his organizational Development while in the US Navy, and when he finished his enlistment, earned an MBA from Yale, and started his “civilian career” at Cummins Engine Company.   He has not only worked in industry, but also spent time as an independent consultant, started up a company that designed and built portable advanced air treatment systems for medical applications.  For the last 12 years he has held various positions in UTC, in Enterprise productivity, HR, and as a “client manager” for Pratt & Whitney's ACE operating system.  He has worked within HR, Finance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, Supply Chain Management, Project management, and administration organizations.  As a ACE Gold Assessor Mark has evaluated almost every function in an organization.   Mark negotiated two innovative labor contracts, applying high-performance to the unionized workplace, as well as several startups without representation.  In the quest for balancing process with principle-centered development in organizations, he earned another masters degree in Quality systems management, with a Black Belt in Six Sigma.   Mark lives in Haddam CT, With his Wife, Marjorie; they travel to the west coast to visit their 3 boys and their families.
    freddie1.jpg (22838 bytes)       Fred Wergeles

Fred Wergeles is the founder and Principal of Fred Wergeles & Associates LLC, a consulting practice that specializes in Strategic Planning and Competitive Intelligence process improvement.  He has over 20 years experience in the intelligence field, having worked at the CIA and in a Fortune 100 corporation managing intelligence collection and analysis in support of strategic decision making.  He has consulted to companies in a diverse array of industries, including advanced manufacturing, power utilities, oil and gas exploration and production, financial services, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and high tech start-ups.  Fred is an 18-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency, where he analyzed worldwide science and technology developments, and managed advanced collection systems. Fred has developed innovative methods and tools for clients in both large and small firms to quickly and effectively improve their Strategic Planning and Market Assessment capabilities.  Fred earned an MA in National Security Studies at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, and a BS in Physics from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell.  He is the Connecticut Chapter Coordinator of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, and the Executive Director of the Simsbury Education Enhancement Fund. He is a member of the World Affairs Council, and also serves on the Board of Directors of the Simsbury Youth Hockey Association.   Website: