...increasing personal effectiveness

It’s in the headlines of USAToday.  It’s in the conversations you have with people.  You see it on the roads.  You hear it on the news.  CONFLICT.

From where does it come?  Why do people choose to use conflict as their means to solve problems?  What triggers a pattern of behavior that is out of my control and limits my ability to be effective? Are we locked into these behavior patterns?

Together we will probe into these questions and find the keys that will allow us to become more effective in our lives and choiceful when solving problems.

Workshop Purpose:

  • To equip ourselves with conflict resolution skills

  • In a way that creates a desire to shift from reactive to controlled behaviors

  • So that personal effectiveness in resolving problems increases.

At the end of this session:

  • If given a problematic situation, resolution flow-maps and an awareness of personal attachments

  • An intervention can be designed

  • So that the problem is resolved and people have increased spirit and will.


  • The art of Winning

  • The art of Resolving

  • The art of Applying

Workshop Details

  • Call for next session date

  • 9am-3pm 

  • Lunch catered by Susan’s

  • $100 for the day and materials

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 "This workshop has been attended by over 450 people.  Come and join our learning community,"  Alden B. Davis

Alden B. Davis

Known by colleagues and friends as a “Corporate Plumber”, Alden designs, orchestrates and leads large-scale institutional change through-out United Technologies, global supplier of propulsion systems, elevators, helicopters, air conditioners, fuel cells and aerospace systems.  His global expertise in leading accelerated change processes is currently focused on creating organizational models to demonstrate best-in-class material flow and work systems, collaborative labor/management relations, large-scale, inclusive processes for resolving site-wide policy issues, -E strategic planning, acquisition assimilation and unmatched EHS performance.  As a conference speaker and workshop leader he has presented for Ecology of Work, Goal QPC, Automation Forum, Lean Aerospace Initiative, Connecticut Quality Conference and Crusade.