MONDRAGON, SPAIN STUDY TOUR 2006 sponsored by MyValuetree.Com
8 Days, 8 Nights Purpose: Explore and understand high performance approaches to work in a way that gains 1st hand experience of a successful societal model so that we are better positioned to compete in a global community.

Sample Itinerary May 2, Thursday

Depart JFK, NY

May 3, Friday

Afternoon arrival in Bilbao, Spain. Time for resting followed by our evening session on Globalization.

May 4, Saturday

9:00am Workshop: Creating Personal Vision

11:00am: The Psychology of Leading (5hrs)

5:00pm Exploration time

May 5, Sunday

2:00pm Shared Decision Making, Harley Davidson case study

5:30pm Structuring for World Class Performance, work design

8:00pm Exploration time

May 6-8, Monday - Wednesday "MAIN EVENT"

Onsite workshops at Mondragon's Education Center

Evening Workshop: Putting it all together with the ValueTree. A social and financial debrief.

May 9, Thursday

8:00am Putting it all together: Creating Personal Vision and Purpose (4hrs)

1:00pm Tour/group activity

May 10, Friday

12:30pm Depart Bilbao to JFK, NY

Deposit: $200

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Your Hosts

Why Do This?

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Join your hosts as we learn about the powerful 40-year vision, which won Mondragon, Spain a United Nations Exemplary Community Award.

Located in the gorgeous Basque region of Spain, Mondragon is home to 160 employee-owned cooperatives, involving 23,000 member-owners with collective annual sales over $3B US. Discover what makes these cooperatives twice as profitable as the average Spanish corporation with productivity levels without equal.

Learn about one community's approach to sustainable development for multiple generations by focusing on relational cooperatives dedicated to the common good.

If you have a passion for building a thriving business and desire a compelling vision for your town, join our 20-person learning community as we study from those who have succeeded in Mondragon.

Come and find the inspiration to take you to the next level of your life's mission.

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Alden B. Davis

I believe understanding what others are doing in the world is essential to future success. This is a learning trip. It is not about advocating an agenda, nor is it about right or wrong. It is about…
  • seeking first to understand
  • challenging personal thinking and ideas
  • learning from others
  • curiosity
  • a quest for best practices
  • an examination of competitors
  • the discovery of new paradigms.

Join us because you want to stretch your views of what is possible. - Alden B.

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Luther Johnson

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Lou Kiefer

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$3,595; air, hotel, workshops, ground transportation and beautiful Spain!

Trip minimum: 20 people

Questions? Discussion? email: or call Alden @ 1-860-565-9626 EST