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The "Sustainability" shirt. Declare your commitment to future generations when you sport our newly introduced "triple-bottom-line" logo shirt. As displayed in the letterhead, the logo visually declares the interrelatedness of People, Planet and Prosperity as we drive to create a sustainable world. Be among the first to make an eloquent social statement as well as a fashion statement in a Van Heusen, 57% cotton- 43%poly, lustrous color, frosted pique shirt in Sundew yellow. For a more casual look, try the IZOD 100% cotton golf shirt in yellow.

$39 total, either shirt (shipping additional). Specify size and style. Men's: Small (14 x 32/33), Medium (15 x 32/33), Large (16 x 34/35), X-Large (17x34/35), XXL and XXXL. Add $2 for XX and XXX. Women's are sized S, M, L. Use PayPal to pay by credit card. Go to http:// www.paypal.com to set-up your free account and email the money to abdthnkbig@aol.com. Questions? Call Alden B. Davis @ 860-565-9626 (w).