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It's about you and for what you
stand.  No matter where you are
you can do the work of leading.
At MyValueTree.Com we want 
you to be effective.  At business,
church, the non-profit, government,
your home you make a difference.

"A great resource links all efforts to how the money flows through the institution and ensures relevant results are achieved." - Alden B. Davis

For 29 years I have created cultures built on World-class Operating Principles and World-class Social Principles. The ValueTree (tm) is the tool used to tie all activites together and ensure institutional health. Reference materials are posted in the right hand column for your use. If you want to discuss any of them please call 1-860-748-3780. The ValueTree(tm) team is a resource primarily focused on improving the six elements of the Strategic Integration Model and the capabilities of the people managing it. Our primary function is that of an architect and general contractor in the world of institutional change management.

Are you a supervisor...the boss?
Do people follow you because they
are paid to or because you are a 
compelling person with vision?

We focus on leadership development,
supervisor training, executive
coaching and leading by example.
With what do you need help?
*  Unlocking the value from change
*  Kaizen, JIT and Lean
*  Continuous improvement
*  Change management
*  Open book management
*  Re-engineering
*  Productivity improvements
*  6-sigma
*  Turn-arounds
*  Manufacturing excellence
*  Work design
*  System-level change
*  Learning organizations
*  Motivation
*  Team building
*  Quality
*  Finding vision

Using the ValueTree and the Life
Tree we are ready to help guide
your diagnosis and chose the course
of action right for you.

Deming, Supervisor Training, System Change, Productivity & JIT all show up on TheValueTree.

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